Welcome to plasticut - Plastic Engineering Solutions

Plasticut is a complete plastic engineering and manufacturing specialist located in Melbourne's northern suburbs. We specialise in all forms of CNC machining, fabrication, design, repair and plastic welding, and operate as specialised plastic suppliers of cut-to-size sheet, rod and tube, including acrylic and polycarbonate.

Our Campbellfield workshop is home to our expert design and fabrication teams where we have on-site plastic welding, CNC machining and cut-to-size capabilities.

We deal with both international and Australian commercial clients, as well as the general public. For Plasticut there is no order or repair too small or large, and we often work on one-off jobs and prototypes.



From concept to creation

Plasticut is a company that can accomplish all aspects of plastic design, welding and fabrication from concept to creation.

Plastic types

Plasticut uses a variety of plastic materials to create products for our customers. Different materials are required for specific applications.

reverse engineering

Plasticut is able to reverse engineer most shapes and receptacles. What separates us from our competitors is our ability and eagerness to work on interesting one-off prototype plastic engineering tasks.

What we DO

We have an in-house design and development team that can work from as little information as a drawing, photograph or basic concept. All of our designers are experts in a variety of design and engineering principles, so you can be assured their skills and experience are second to none

We have a large workshop in Campbellfield, in Melbourne's North, which is capable of producing components of almost any size and volume. As plastic suppliers, we keep a store of materials on site to reduce any lead-time.

With on-site plastic welding, cutting, repairs, as well as a friendly and professional attitude, Plasticut is truly a one-stop-shop for any plastic engineering project.

We frequently do one-off jobs for our clients. Sometimes only a single unit is needed to complete a particular project or repair faulty machinery; other times we work closely with our clients to develop a unique prototype. Developing prototypes is exciting work and is what separates us from some of our competitors who work only as plastic and acrylic suppliers.

At Plasticut, we understand that even the smallest component can play a very important part in the smooth running of complex machinery and industrial processes. We are able to prioritise repair work and have the capability to reverse engineer older out-of-production parts.

We also perform on-site plastic welding and cutting that can be done on the day. Plasticut stocks a wide variety of advanced engineering plastics and materials suitable for the harshest environments, so you can install our components with the knowledge that they'll work hard for your business.

  • ERTA
  • Polystone
  • Trovidur
  • Palram
  • Shinkolite
  • Laserlite Makrolon
  • Chemfab
  • Tetron
  • Lexan
  • Perspex
  • Simona
  • Plexus
  • Tuffak
  • Excel
  • IPS Weld-On, among many others

Our in-house design team has a suite of Computer Aided Design and manufacturing programs and techniques to ensure accurate results for your next project. Our CNC machining capabilities are first-class, so when precision is needed you can be sure Plasticut's CNC machining is up to the task.