Case Studies

The Custom Bottle

A client who worked in the medical industry approached Plasticut looking to develop a new sized bottle. They only had a similar bottle to guide the Plasticut team. Following a consultation and review of the guide bottle provided by the client, the team developed plans to perfectly meet the client’s custom design. Plastic fabrication of the initial unit was undertaken and a finished prototype was provided to the customer following some in-house testing. The customer approved the design and several more prototypes were created for use by the factory in China. Our plastic engineering and design staff were able to realise the clients desired outcome and provide working prototypes suitable for distribution to factories and to prospective buyers and investors.

A series of three images, all showing custom bottles made with plastic fabrication
The "George Jnr" Acrylic Chair

One of our clients, a noted and well respected designer, displayed one of her designs, “The George Jnr” at The Edge. The chair was also displayed at a Furniture Show in Milan Italy, where it was seen by some of the leading designers and manufacturers in the world.

The designer was commissioned by a property developer in Melbourne to supply several of the chairs from Acrylic. Although initially manufactured from plywood, Plasticut was approached to see if it was able to be manufactured from Clear Acrylic. We sat down with the designer to run through the various changes that would need to be made to manufacture from cut to size acrylic, which does not have the same flexibility as plywood.
Subsequent to this we commenced work on a prototype which would allow us to alleviate any issues we may come across during the manufacture and then went on to produce three of the “George Jnr” Chairs for the designer.

The initial prototype is on display in the reception of Plasticut.

Two images of the same acrylic made custom chair. Shown from different angles.