Plasticut Environment Policies

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Plasticut is an environmentally conscious company that has numerous measures in place to minimise hard waste and carbon emissions. Not only is this more beneficial for our business, but our staff and clients can rest easy knowing that they’re associated with a company that’s concerned about the environment. We recycle the majority of our waste materials left over from CNC routing and other plastic fabrication projects. Plasticut are able to provide recycled materials for plastic fabrication projects where the aesthetic look, hardness properties, or wear resistance are not critical. Plasticut has invested in retro-fitting all of our traditional light fittings at our premises with efficient LEDs that use up to 80% less energy, thereby reducing our power consumption and carbon emissions. Plasticut has undertaken a significant investment of solar panels installing a 40kW system comprising of 160 panels on our factory roof. This has enabled us to halve our annual greenhouse gas emissions. We also undertake recycling of our general waste such as paper, metal and other disposable materials to minimise waste produced by our business. For any further information on our environmental policies, or about our plastic fabrication and plastic engineering or CNC machining plastic, call us on 03 9357 6688 or contact us online.

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