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Located in Melbourne, Plasticut specialises in plastic fabrication which provides a fast, simple and affordable way to produce a wide range of plastic or plastic composite parts. The durability, malleability and cost-effectiveness of plastic makes it the perfect material for fabricating a wide range of products.

These items include anything from retail shop counter screens & displays, machine guards and tank liners. Quick cycle times, fast turnover rates, ease of forming and a lightness of weight are some of the reasons why plastic fabrication is so popular. At Plasticut, we hold an extensive range of stock and can quickly manufacture and ship your order. We also have the capacity for custom plastic fabrication at our Melbourne factory and are happy to work from your designs, even creating prototypes for your company.

Cut-To-Size Plastic Fabrication Machinery
Laser Cut Plastic Sheet

What is plastic fabrication?

Plastic fabrication involves manufacturing products made from plastic or plastic composites and, depending on the needs of the client, can also involve designing and assembling these products as well. However, given the wide range of plastic materials that are available and the sheer variety of plastic products that can be produced, there’s no single method of fabrication.
Instead, there’s a collection of fabrication methods with some more suitable for specific plastics whilst others are better for certain products. Below is a list of high quality, plastic materials that are available for your projects. These are available in different thicknesses, textures, transparencies and colours. If you require assistance selecting the best materials for your project or need custom plastic fabrication – we are happy to help!

Materials used in plastic fabrication

What is plastic welding, thermo shaping and bending?

Welding, thermo shaping and bending are three of the ways that plastic can be fabricated or moulded to suit a particular design. They are also three of the more popular and widely used fabrication methods.

What is plastic welding?

Plastic welding is a plastic fabrication technique that joins or welds two compatible pieces of plastic together. This is a molecular bond that creates a join that’s stronger than the base material, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The finished product is lightweight and easy to recycle (given that no adhesives or mechanical fasteners have been used in the join).
To begin the welding process, the surfaces to be joined are cleaned, using weld rods and injection welding processes and then once the bond has formed, the product is cooled. It’s a technique that’s used to manufacture diagnostic instruments, patient monitoring devices, piping kits, water tanks, computer printers and auto parts.

Industrial Laser Cutting Machinery
Thermo Shaped Plastic Bench
What is thermo shaping?

Also called thermoforming, thermo shaping is a moulding technique that applies heat to thin plastic sheets making them easily malleable. Once the plastic has reached the right temperature it’s draped over a male or female mould where it can reform into a new shape. Once cooled, the final product is removed from the mould, trimmed and packed for shipment.
One of the frequent uses of thermo shaping is the plastic fabrication of rigid packaging for consumer goods, auto parts, ATM enclosures, food service parts and components of agricultural equipment, wastewater management, food service and so on.

What is plastic bending?

Plastic bending, also called line bending, is a simple plastic fabrication technique that requires the plastic to be heated until malleable enough to produce the number of bends required. This bending can be performed manually or using an automated bending machine. The required heat is based on the thickness of the plastic and is applied in a straight line using a strip heater, rather than heating the entire sheet.
After the required temperature is achieved, the plastic is bent along this line and held in place until the plastic cools to maintain the bend. It’s often used to manufacture simple items with one or two parallel bends, for example equipment housings, brochure holders, signage, machine guards and boat screens.
Many of our custom plastic fabrication orders include plastic bending which is a very cost-effective way to manufacture high volumes of finished items.

What is custom plastic fabrication?

Custom plastic fabrication is where your project requires a unique design tailored to your specific needs. Our highly experienced and skilled team of technicians can work from your designs, photos, sketches or ideas, creating an end product that perfectly suits your requirements. We can manufacture a single part, prototype or as many replicates as you require, as well as a reverse engineer of most items. We can also help you decide on the best type of plastic and the most suitable fabrication method for your items, based on the required application and your budget.

Speciality products

At Plasticut, we manufacture a wide range of speciality products for many applications – from automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, oil and gas, chemical processing, bottling and beverage, engineering and sign writing. Our plastic fabrication abilities include design, development and prototyping, as well as small and large volume runs. We can manufacture all your speciality products, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cut-To-Size Plastic Fabrication Machinery
How can we help?

If you’re in the market for expert plastic fabrication in Melbourne, then Plasticut has the expertise, skills and capacity to fulfil your orders. Whether you want help with a design concept, welding, bending or thermo shaping, or even plastic repairs, we are just a phone call away!

Why choose us?

Plasticut is an Australian-owned and operated company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Whether you want a single prototype or thousands of components or finished products, you can rely on us for a quick turnaround, high-quality products and affordable prices.

  • Australian-owned and operated company.
  • More than 40 years in the plastic fabrication industry.
  • Innovative technology.
  • Extensive stock of plastics on site.
  • Wide network of suppliers.
  • Fast, efficient and reliable service.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Obligation-free quotes.

For help deciding which type of plastic fabrication is best for your project, contact the team on 03 9357 6688 or send us an email enquiry.