The Plasticut Fabrication & Repair Process

Our process for producing high quality and dependable plastic supplier materials varies with each client, but our commitment to world-class plastic fabrication, repairs, design and development is always thorough and comprehensive. Some of our clients know exactly what they want; others just have an idea. So whether it’s just plastic cut to size(lexanperspexacrylic), laser cutting, a simple plastic welding task or a large volume order like sneeze guards or plastic guards, Plasticut is here to provide the processes, experience and facilities to realise any plastic fabrication project.


Plastic fabrication is an exact discipline. Our staff have a strong plastic engineering background and a wealth of experience to share with our clients. We always like to discuss projects with our clients to make sure the correct material and methods are being employed to produce a quality product. Customer service and communication are our most important business principles.


With professional CAD and CAM capabilities, as well as a design team with strong engineering skills, the Plasticut design team has the experience to assist or completely develop any idea into a workable blueprint ready for production.


Our clients often come to Plasticut because we are one of the few plastic fabrication and repair businesses that will do one-off plastic units cut perfectly to size. Prototyping is an important part of any product development process and our staff enjoy the challenge of bringing new ideas into the world. You can be assured we always treat our clients’ designs/ideas with the highest level of confidentiality.


We work with our clients to make sure their products work consistently and always do what it’s meant to do. We put all of our prototypes through a rigorous testing phase to check how effective the finished product will be.


Plasticut has a large production workshop at Campbellfield in Melbourne’s north where we have the facilities and capabilities to fulfil large orders. We also have the space to produce and assemble large components. We keep a large store of materials on hand for just about any order that comes through.

Plastic Repairs

We have the experience and industry understanding to make sure all plastic component repairs will be provided as quickly as possible, ensuring that your business has as little downtime as possible. For more information on Plasticut’s plastic welding, repairs, fabrication and design capabilities, call us on 03 9357 6688, contact us online or even come and visit us at our Campbellfield workshop.