Plastic Production At Plasticut

At our advanced production facility, we offer a wide variety of different production levels per the size and specific requirements of your project, from smaller cut to size jobs to large commercial projects. We are committed to plastic manufacturing of the highest standard and accommodate all facets of production including time allowances, deadlines and client needs. From one-off plastic cutting, completed immediately on-site to large scale fabrication with a delivery turnaround of between five to ten days. Our scope is wide and all-encompassing as we offer a variety of finishes and composite materials alongside our comprehensive range of plastic materials.

Plastic Production Design, Development & Prototyping

With a reputation for customer service excellence, we partner with you in consultation, offering advice, guidance and support for all design, development and prototyping services. Our engineers operate a full CAD and CAM suite with CNC machining capabilities to meet your individual project specifications.

Small Scale Plastic Production

Depending on the workshop schedule, smaller jobs such as plastic cutting and welding can usually be completed in a single working day. Our hands on specialised staff are available to complete projects quickly depending on how busy the workshop is and supply both the domestic and commercial markets.

Large Scale Plastic Production

We offer a full range of plastic fabrication services to both small and larger clients, spanning many industries. At Plasticut we relish the challenge of larger plastic production projects, and carry out a meticulous planning process particularly when a larger volume of units is required. We liaise with you throughout the planning and material selection to ensure we deliver on time and on budget every time.