Advanced Engineering Plastic Services

Advanced Plastic Services
At Plasticut we offer an extensive range of advanced engineering plastics for use in the harshest and most extreme of environments. This is the height of plastic engineering in terms of install-and-forget components that can handle exposure to acids, alkalis, mildew, chemicals, water, sunlight, fatigue, and heavy wear. These components are often found in the most inaccessible parts of machinery, such as those that are underwater or within large machinery. As plastic engineering specialists our engineering, welding and plastic fabrication teams ensure that the component that we make is both resilient and durable and crafted to reduce the downtime of the machine. As a preferred engineering plastic specialist, we appreciate time constraints and work to deliver on time every time. We understand that it can take a whole day to remove even the smallest high-wear component from some machinery and another whole day to reinstall it.

Client Collaboration

We partner with you. Your ideas, drawings or sketches guide us through the process to product delivery. At Plasticut we believe that to create a high performing, effective product, it’s vital that both parties collaborate closely with each other. Not only plastic engineering specialists we also offer materials such as PTFE Teflon Plastic and many other plastic materials. We proudly and confidently offer the repair, production, fabrication, and an extensive range of engineering services for all plastic materials. Our products can be found in both the commercial and domestic markets as our flexibility enables our engineers to create smaller cut to size jobs (lexan, perspex, acrylic and more) and bulk commercial projects as requested.

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From PTFE Teflon Plastic to advanced engineering plastics and their applications to general plastic engineering, welding, and design capabilities, call us on (03) 9357 6688 or contact us online.

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