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Plasticut has manufactured various plastic products including pits, conduit spacers and specialised items for Middy’s.

The products were for specifically for our key customers who delivered major rail infrastructure projects in Melbourne.

Plasticut supplied Middy’s with hundreds of fabricated HDPE pits with secure lids or sliding doors and access holes for electrical conduits. Other products manufactured by Plasticut included plastic support angles, beams, covers, spacers and mounting hardware.

Middy’s also asked Plasticut to manufacture a few thousand conduit spacers in at least 6 different styles with various mounting configurations and conduit hole profiles.

Products were made from different materials and such as HDPE, PP and PVC in both new or recycled materials.

Basically, anything product made from plastic needed on the projects, we asked Plasticut to manufacture and supply for us.

Plasticut have the necessary professional approach, design capability, capacity to handle the demand and competitive prices. In addition, Plasticut offered fast turnaround and urgent manufacture, if needed. Nothing was too much trouble when variations and updates to designs were required.

Thank you Plasticut for your honesty & integrity, we couldn’t have managed without you.

Gavin Lewis

National Projects Manager, Middy’s Electrical