Use Of CNC Routing & CNC Machining For Reverse Engineering Services

Plasticut is able to reverse engineer most shapes and receptacles. What separates us from our competitors is our ability and eagerness to work on interesting one-off prototype plastic engineering tasks. Our team treats every new plastic engineering job as a new challenge and is able to reverse engineer from new, broken or worn originals as well produce results from photographs or sketches, then work new models using different plastics as well as CNC machining and CNC routing for precise results. Many factories have machinery that is still in use but is no longer supported by its manufacturers. When a cog, bearing, or other small part within these machines breaks down it must be replaced for the machine to continue functioning. We've had clients bring a handful of plastic shards that was once a tiny cog working deep within a machine and our team has been able to reverse engineer a new working part that works just as efficiently as its predecessor.

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is an industry-standard method of achieving precision and quality results when fabricating materials such as plastic, metal, wood and other materials. A digital three-dimensional model of a design is read by a computer program, which then controls CNC machining and routing tools to achieve consistently precise results. CNC provides our engineers and designers with more time for initial planning, modelling, testing and quality control to make sure our work is of a quality beyond reproach.