Plastic Production

Plasticut is capable of a wide variety of different production levels depending on the size of the project. There are different production needs and time allowances that must be made in order to provide high quality plastic products in a realistic amount of time. Some simpler tasks, such as one-off plastic cutting, can be completed immediately on site; others, such as large scale plastic fabrication, will require a lead time of five to ten days while the necessary details are attended to.

We are also able to provide a variety of different finishes as well as composite materials on top of our wide range of plastic materials.

Plasticut offers consultation, advice and support for all design, development and prototyping services to clients as needed. We operate a full CAD and CAM suite with CNC capabilities Our design and engineering teams are both experienced in all stages of design, development and production of plastic products. We’re here to make sure any plastic products a client needs is produced to the highest quality.

Smaller jobs, such as plastic cutting and welding, are usually completed in a single working day or, depending on what is happening in the workshop on a given day, many tasks can be completed immediately.

Larger plastic fabrication projects require increased planning to make sure that there are no mistakes, especially if a large volume of units is required. We review all plans and discuss different materials with our clients to make sure the project is completed on time, on budget and with great plastic products as the result.

For more information on Plasticut's plastic cutting, fabrication and design capabilities, contact us on 03 9357 6688, contact us online or visit us at our Campbellfield premises.