As well as our other types of plastics, Plasticut is one of the leading Perspex suppliers in Melbourne. This highly versatile plastic can be used for many applications because of its great durability, weatherability, long lifespan, and clarity. Our Perspex products are available in many colours, tints, and surface textures. As Perspex plastic manufacturers, the Plasticut team are well aware of how many applications this fantastic type of plastic has. We have a wide spectrum of colours and thicknesses in our stock.

Shop Signage

Signage is very important in displaying your company’s brand name and in presenting yourself. You want the best look possible, and Perspex is a great way to go. Plasticut can laser cut shop signage for you that includes your business logo, custom colours, and geometric shapes and letters.

Display Boxes

Everyone wants to show off their valued items, such as models, jewellery, trophies, and much more. Plasticut manufacture high-quality display boxes that are durable and will protect your items while also making them look even more impressive.

Laboratory Parts

Plasticut are available to design laboratory parts made out of Perspex for our clients. We are able to do this due to Perspex’s great optical qualities, mainly the clarity of the glass, which gives these laboratory parts a highly polished edge.

Boat Windows

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional glass for your boat, look no further than Plasticut. Our Perspex boat windows are cut to the required size of your boat and will make your boat look brand new.

Shop Fittings

Plasticut is available to create an extensive range of display and shopfitting products made out of Perspex. These are perfect for displaying products in showcase displays or on shelves.

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