Plasticut offers a wide variety of cut to size acrylic products for our clients that are commonly used for a wide variety of applications. Acrylic has a great clarity and strength and is easy to mould into whatever our client wants them to be. These properties make it perfect for products such as display boxes, picture frames, signs, technical models, fascia panels, furniture, windows and skylights, lighting fixtures, lenses, aquariums, roof glazing, shopfitting displays, and many other goods.

Plasticut are the leading acrylic manufacturers in Melbourne who have developed effective techniques to mould, fabricate, and produce cut to size acrylic products designed for a variety of applications. We are available to produce large volumes of acrylic prototypes that have a long lifespan and are durable.


Plasticut produces acrylic cut to size sheets that can be used for many different applications. This is due to their weatherability, long lifespan, excellent clarity, and they can be easily recycled. Acrylic sheets are available in many colours, tints, and surface textures and thicknesses.


Plastic manufactures and sell clear acrylic rods that have a wide range of possible applications that can be designed and processed according to customer demand. These can be used for lighting designs, displays, artworks, sculptures, signage, and much more.


Our cut to size acrylic tubes are available in all kinds of thicknesses, diameters, and makes. These clear acrylic tubes are cast in a mould, giving them excellent clarity. These are perfect for the lighting industry, and other industries as well.

Machined Components

Our plastic machined components are lightweight and are a great cost-effective alternative to traditional metals used in machinery.


Custom-fabricated sneeze guards or plastic guards made with high-quality Acrylic.

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