Did you know that polycarbonate plastic is an adequate alternative to glass? This surface material can be coated to enhance its physical properties specifically for improved durability and protection from external damage (UV exposure, vandalism etc.).

Also, polycarbonate plastic features excellent impact resistance, is self-extinguishing and has moderate chemical, scratch and acoustic properties. This material is so useful that has numerous industrial applications.


You typically see this tough plastic used in cases and boxes in the IT and telecommunications industries. There is a demand for electronic housings that are temperature resistant, shatter-resistant and properly insulated for electricity and heat. Examples of this application in practice include mobile phones, computers, chargers, battery boxes, server cabinets and more.


Builders use polycarbonate plastic sheets and similar products for their UV protection, thermal insulation and other durable properties for walls, roofing and more. To learn more about the benefits of using polycarbonate plastic materials for your construction projects, get in touch with our team. We can provide the materials you need to custom specifications.

Automotive and Aerospace

Polycarbonate plastic is so innovative that it can be found in dashboards, bumpers, body panels, interior cladding and lighting assemblies as well as shelves, fixtures, protective shields — even indoor and outdoor signs. This plastic is ideal because it typically features superior impact strength, can last longer than metal that is exposed to the weather and can be fabricated at a significant cost-saving. Another poignant feature is the capacity for self-extinguishing in the event of a fire or similar hazard.


This industry is all about packaging and polycarbonate plastic is perfect for this purpose. Plastic manufacturing has advanced to the point where aesthetics and effective tooling enables clever and cost-effective cases for power tools and a wide range of other retail goods.


Add value to medical machines and equipment with a solid polycarbonate plastic enclosure. Protect critical components from external damage and prolonged use with a durable and adaptable plastic.