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Polycarbonate Plastic Products Polycarbonate Plastic Products

Polycarbonate plastic that is cut to size is a popular replacement for applications where glass would often be used. Polycarbonate can also be coated to be used as bullet-resistance glass and has been used in banks, cars, and fighter jets due to its similarity to glass as well as its intense durability after a coating has been applied. Any products made from cut to size polycarbonate are designed to be transparent and to be impact resistant, meaning it is durable and can withstand damage. Cut to size polycarbonate can also be tinted and used in sunglasses, building, automobiles, and other situations where tinting is required.

As polycarbonate plastic sheet suppliers, Plasticut often make guards for various machinery and industrial vehicles out of cut to size polycarbonate. We also provide a variety of vandal proof-glazing applications, as well as industrial sight glasses. We have also been involved in various prototyping projects for new uses in polycarbonate.

  • Excellent impact resistance (250 times stronger than glass)
  • Very good optical properties
  • Can be cold formed in thinner gauges
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Moderate scratch resistance
  • Excellent acoustic properties

  • Sheet
  • Rod
  • Tube
  • Film
  • Machined components

  • UV2 Polycarbonate (UV Sheet)
  • AR2 Polycarbonate (Abrasion resistant)

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