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Acrylic plastic is a light weight, transparent plastic material. It is extremely durable and can be easily shaped for an endless variety of uses. Acrylic plastic is one of the most commonly used plastic materials and is distributed across most plastic manufacturers. Common applications of this plastic include skylights, non-glass display cases and bullet proof windows. Acrylic can also be referred to as Plexiglass.

Read on for ten uses of acrylic sheets across commercial and non-commercial applications:

Home Improvement

From cabinets to splashbacks, plastic suppliers are able to have acrylic cut to size or in some circumstances perspex cut to size in any colour or design required. To replace glass in a cabinet or coffee table, acrylic plastic can be used as a durable option without compromising on transparency. For kitchen splashbacks and other decorative panels, manufacturers can meet your design specification with this easy to clean material.

Sporting Equipment

Have you ever wondered what the sole of those lightweight running shoes were made of? There’s a good chance it was made of acrylic plastic. In the world of sports, every second counts. Acrylic’s durable, yet lightweight properties makes it optimal for performance shoes, tennis racket handles and even bike helmets. Alongside carbon fibre, acrylic plastic is one of the most commonly used plastic applications for sporting equipment.

Transparent Non-Glass Applications

As mentioned previously, acrylic plastic is commonly used for skylights, bulletproof glass and non-glass display cases. Plastic suppliers have successfully proven that acrylic provides the same properties as glass, sans fragility. Custom-fabricated sneeze guards or plastic guards made with high-quality Acrylic.


The tough glass-like material used as a window to see into shark tanks at aquariums is often made of acrylic plastic or cut to size perspex. There are several material options available as an alternative to glass for this application, however acrylic plastic has proven superior in meeting the specifications at nearly half the price of similar materials.

Military Use

Whether breaking the sound barrier or diving deep into the ocean, acrylic sheets are often utilised by the military – from submarine windows to making up portions of an airplane cockpit. Because of its adaptability, strength under high pressure and transparency, acrylic is frequently used in military and other applications.


Keratoplasty is more commonly known as corneal transplant surgery. The surgery is performed in cases of advanced corneal disease to restore proper eyesight. Basically, the degenerated cornea is replaced with an artificial cornea. The artificial cornea is made from acrylic plastic. Acrylic provides clarity of vision and the protection needed for the inner eye while maintaining a comfortable fit for years.

Water Resistant Paint

Plastic is a wonderful product in relation to weather resistance because plastic does not absorb the water – you will notice when you pour water onto a plastic surface that it slips off. This is the idea behind acrylic paint. Trace amounts of acrylic plastic added to paint produces a similar effect to a plastic surface – water does not soak into the paint, which makes the paint resistant against water damage. The most common type of acrylic paint is car paint.

Fiber Optic Cabling

In the early days of fiber optic wiring, the tips of the cables were coated in glass. This was done to provide protection to the fiber optic line itself, while still allowing light to transmit through the line and carry the data from point A to point B. These days, the use of acrylic plastic has begun to dominate glass in the field of fibre optics. Acrylic provides the same benefits as glass, but has one additional key quality – acrylic remains intact when bent or stretch, where glass breaks.

Artistic Sculpting

Glass blowing, glass sculptures and stained-glass windows are all quite magnificent displays of creative technique and talent. However the same works can be displayed in acrylic plastic instead of glass. Acrylic plastic lasts longer in natural conditions and is not as susceptible to accidental damage. Furthermore, acrylic plastic is slightly easier to mould than glass.

Fluorescent Light Lenses

Fluorescent lighting has come under scrutiny in recent times due to the large amounts of blue light they emit. Fluorescent lighting has been linked to mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and insomnia. In recent years, acrylic plastic has been formed into lenses that can fit over any fluorescent light bulb to soften the lighting and eliminate blue light.

The above is a short list of the many applications of acrylic plastic. Acrylic sheets are durable, malleable and adhere easily to multiple types of surfaces.


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