At Plasticut, we receive designs and proposals in a wide variety of formats. Some arrive with just an idea in mind, others provide a sketch scrawled on a napkin, while some have professional sketches and 3D models. The development of plastic products is one of precision, so it's important for a prospective customer to have as much of an idea as possible when they approach us. However, as Plasticut is a plastic engineering specialist, our team of designers and engineers are competent and experienced in developing, planning, testing and producing high quality plastic products cut perfectly to size. Many of our clients approach us with rough sketches and walk away with a product they are truly happy with. Our staff are just as eager to develop and produce great plastic products as our clients, so you can be sure Plasticut will provide great service.

To arrange a consultation, or to find out more about plastic cut to size, plastic engineering, and other products and services offered by Plasticut, call 03 9357 6688, contact us online or drop in to our Campbellfield premises.